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We offer you an opportunity to generate income from your website by earning 10% commission for every successful purchase of web hosting.

How it Works

  • 1

    What is Pangalan.com’s Affiliate Program?

    Pangalan’s Affiliate Program provides a great opportunity to be our partner and monetize the traffic you refer from your website or blog for paid purchases of web hosting.

  • 2

    Who are qualified to join the Affiliate Program?

    The Affiliate Program is open for all bloggers or those who have their website and would like to earn extra income.

  • 3

    Can I register for free?

    Yes, there is no registration fee for joining.

  • 4

    How do I register for the Affiliate program?

    Simply click on the sign up button which can be found on Pangalan’s Affiliate Program Page. Fill out the form and follow the process accordingly.

  • 5

    How does it actually work?

    Once you are registered, simply sign in to the control panel of Pangalan.com (mypanel.pangalan.com) , click Account tab then under Affiliate Program, click Campaigns List and then select Affiliate Program. Choose your preferred banner and copy the code to your website.

  • 6

    What will be the basis to earn a commission as an Affiliate?

    Earn 10% commission for every successful purchase of Web Hosting from the visitors of your website who’ve clicked the banner.

  • 7

    How do I track the number of successful referrals?

    To check the record of the number of your successful referrals, sign in to the control panel of Pangalan.com (mypanel.pangalan.com, click Account then under Affiliate Program and then click Campaign Sales. In there, you can see the amount you earned and the list of successful transactions.

  • 8

    How do I withdraw my commission?

    There are two ways for you to get your commission: First, you may opt to have it credited on your account and use it to avail Pangalan.com’s services or request a check from us. (minimum amount is Php 1,000).

  • 9

    How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

    It will take a maximum of 3 weeks for each withdrawal request.

  • 10

    Can I join other Affiliate Programs aside from Pangalalan’s?

    Yes, you’re not restricted to have other affiliates on your blog or website.